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Your source for suya spices, recipes and more!

Suya is a popular spicy meat shish kebab enjoyed by many across Nigeria and West Africa. Sold by street vendors and restaurants as a favorite snack or an entire meal, suya is a delicacy missed by many who are living abroad and far from home. Suya Mama understands and appreciates the love of suya and brings "Vero's Suya" to your home, straight from Mama's kitchen.

Vero's Suya spice can be used as a spice or dry meat rub on beef, chicken, lamb and fish to create delicious suya kebabs made on your grill or in your oven at any time. Some loyal fans use Vero's Suya spice on much more than kebabs - sprinkled on rice, steak, eggs and more - Vero's adds that "kick" and taste from home to your otherwise plain foods. We like to say, just "Suya It!"

Have a hungry group to feed? Don't stress! Suya Mama is here to save the day! A big party? No problem! Vero's Suya comes in small, medium and large orders. Your guests will be talking about your suya for days. Veros Suya also makes the perfect gift. Surprise your friends with the gift of Suya!

Order Vero's Suya today and bring suya to your table.